Elle Essence Love Tantra New York City

“Success includes both worldly achievement and connection to self and spirit.”


I am a Certified Advanced Tantra Educator. As a Dakini and practicing Buddhist, I am also trained in tantra, shamanism and complementary healing modalities.

Through my practice, I blend Tantric yogic techniques with modern methodology to reconnect your body and intuition, so that life can be lived in true communion with self and others.

Prior to creating Essence Love, I spent 20 years focused on accomplishment in the corporate world. As the former CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, a professor, and an executive coach, I worked with the leading luminaries of the business world.

With all that I achieved, however, there was something missing. I yearned for more depth and connection. Through my studies, I discovered that it was possible to have both success in the material world and a life of meaning.

I redefined success to include both worldly achievement and connection to self and spirit.

If you want to realize your personal power and truly manifest your desires, let’s awaken you to a life of heart-centered illumination.

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It’s my desire to share these approaches with anyone who’s called to explore and heal deeply.

I look forward to connecting with you.