A safe space for deep work.

“When I think of my session with Elle, the words gentle, kind, and incredibly connected come to mind. My session with her safely guided me to experience the world of chakras. She easily helped me to visualize my body’s energy fields, and gradually led me to hear and see the areas where I needed to let go. She formulated a safe space for the two of us to do deep work, and I felt as though she were exclusively with me for the 90-minute session. Afterword I felt lighter, more clear in my thoughts, and joyful. All of this incredibly through video conference! Thank you for the connection only you could make, Elle! I look forward to working with you more on healing my chakras and creating more positive energy in the world.” — Cristin

Real tangible results—I’m connected to my power.

”Elle is an incredible healer and space holder. Since working with Elle, I’ve been able to work through challenges regarding my work, my emotions, and relationships. After each session, I feel a sense of clarity and empowerment which feels incredible but also result in real tangible results in the coming days and weeks of the session. She has a gift of being able to tune into exactly what I need and provide a safe and loving space for me to transmute my discomfort into freedom. I feel more connected to myself, my power, and my purpose in this world because of my work with Elle.” — David

Immediate trust.

“Elle has a wonderful, vulnerable truth-telling way about her that builds trust immediately. ” — Mark

Workshop Praise

“It was nice be in a Sovereign Woman workshop led by Elle and to chat with women about our experiences growing up, about who taught us about sex and how that conditioning has affected us throughout life in terms of relationships with ourselves and others.  We also spoke about ways to deprogram ourselves from the deeply embedded ideologies that no longer serve us. For example, being the observer of your emotions and thoughts without immediate reactivity, widening the space between our thoughts and response/actions give us a chance to break old patterns and form new ones in the brain. We also spoke about business and work having a place in the heart and spirituality, and not thinking of them as separate. We spoke about giving ourselves what we need, patiently making the attempt to really learn our bodies, to be kind and gently to ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.” — Brianda



What happens to conscious entrepreneurs when you don't "follow your heart"...or your "heart isn't into" your job? Elle talks to The AstroTwins’ Ophira Edut, astrologer for ELLE Magazine, about opening the heart chakra in business. In this conversation, Elle reveals a system that keeps your heart open and ready to receive. Learn her recipe for "the alchemy of success" and how you can apply it to your path.